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Qiviut MM blend 2-ply


50 gram Musk ox and Merino
blend 50/50

Item number: 4000

Qiviut MM blend 50/50

Musk ox / Merino


A new yarn from, with all the good properties from both qiviut and merino wool.

Qiviut gives the soft light warmth, qiviut is 8 times warmer than sheep wool.

Merino wool gives the shape and elasticity. Sheep wool has “remembrance” to ensure the knitted item stays firm, springy and durable.

Qiviut MM blend yarn is made in a 8/2 the yardage is 400 m / 100 gram.

It is sold in 50 gram skeins, making 200 meter pr. Skein.

Knitted on a 4mm needle the gauge is 20 sts. / 30 rows to 10 X 10 cm.

Qiviut MM blend is especially suitable for sweaters, blouses, babyclothes, hats and mittens.

The sand color is one of the new earth fashion colors, lighter than the pure qiviut.


In one of the pictures you can see the difference in color, pure qiviut is the darkest, MM blend the brightest.

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